PretTEA Slim


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A day and night tea duo that helps shed kilos with powerful natural ingredients.

PretTEA Slim pack will help you achieve your weight loss goals by:

  • Naturally boosting digestion
  • Effectively cleansing the body of toxins
  • Supporting fat burning
  • Reducing bloating and swelling
  • Aiding sound sleep necessary during the slimming process


More than your average cup of tea

The Live & Slim and Sleep & Slim teas are a powerful mixture of herbs, that will help you say goodbye to excess weight and hello to a flat tummy.

  • PretTEA Slim is a set of morning and evening teas that work together to provide a 24h synergistic weight loss action.
  • The finest natural ingredientscombined with research produce top-quality teas with slimming benefits and delicious taste.
  • And because of their 100% plant-based composition, they let the body find balance and optimise its functioncompletely naturally.

Live & Slim TEA – Good morning!

Live & Slim is the morning kick you’ve been looking for! It wakes up your mind AND your body.

  • It restarts digestion and detoxifies the body, which is necessary for weight loss.
  • It also speeds up fat burning and reduces bloating, getting you closer to your goal with just one cup a day.

Sleep & Slim TEA – Good night!

Sleep & Slim is an evening tea and an amazing partner on your weight loss journey.

  • It will allow you to say goodbye to evening cravings – a common struggle for those on a diet.
  • It will help you let go of the stress of the day and properly relax thanks to naturally soothing ingredients.
  • It will ensure sound and regenerative sleep, which is essential during the weight loss process and can be the make or break of your slim figure.



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