SlimJOY CarbBlock XXL



SlimJOY CarbBlock EXTREME is super effective double-power carb blocker that cuts half the carb calories from your meals! Same portions – with just half the calories!

  • Block 54% of carb-digesting enzymesand prevent these carbs from turning into body fat*
  • Shape your body & reduce your waist, hip and thigh circumferences
  • Keep your energy levels high despite cutting calories
  • With 2 of the best patented carb blockers for maximum effect

Lose weight the easy way

It’s no secret that to lose weight you have to eat fewer calories than you burn. But let’s face it: that’s easier said than done, especially when some of the foods you crave most can be carb-laden calorie bombs. That’s why we’ve come up with the perfect solution that lets you have your pizza with only about half the calories.

Thanks to a powerful blend of patented ingredients, CarbBlock EXTREME blocks the absorption of half the carbs from your meals, which makes it much easier for you to lose weight. And it not only blocks carbs but fats too! That way, they simply leave the body without being stored as body fat. And all it takes is just 1 capsule before each of your two main meals.

2 patented carb blockers in 1 for maximum effect

SlimJOY CarbBlock EXTREME is powered by not just 1 but 2 premium plant-based carb blockers for an even greater effect on weight loss. Aside from the combination of brown seaweed and grape seed extracts, it also contains a patented white kidney bean extract with an extra strong carb-blocking action.

This surprising carb slasher is, in fact, as much as 6x stronger* as compared to the other patented white kidney bean extract that is often used in similar supplements. As it blocks the digestion of dietary starch, it helps prevent blood sugar spikes and effectively reduce your calorie intake.

Next Day Delivery in Ireland!

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