Flat Tummy [30-Day Bundle]



Perfect for anyone struggling with water retention and stomach fat.

With the help of AdipoSlim EXTREME,you’ll speed up fat burning and prevent new fat reserves from forming. AquaSlim EXTREME will help reduce bloating and swelling!


The combination of 20 AquaSlim EXTREME drinks and 30 AdipoSlim EXTREME capsules will help:

  • decrease swelling
  • reduce waist size
  • reduce hip circumference
  • reduce cellulite
  • eliminate the yo-yo effect
  • boost your fat metabolism
  • prevent the storage of fat

AquaSlim EXTREME: a natural diuretic that aids weight loss. Natural raspberry flavour!

Trials show that users who went through a diuretic AquaSlim course (1st phase of weight loss to get rid of excess water, cleanse the liver and the digestive system) lost weight faster.

Contents: 20 drinks for 20 days.

AdipoSlim EXTREME capsules: transform your body into a fat-burning machine.

Proven to reduce stomach fat and increase calorie expenditure by stimulating brown fat tissue. Thanks to its 3 patented ingredients, it prevents the yo-yo effect.

Contents: 30 capsules for 30 days.

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