Starter Bundle [30-Day Bundle]


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Starter Bundle 30-Day Bundle contains everything you need to lose weight and keep it off!

This combination of our best-selling products will make sure you stay focused and reach your goals.

  • Helps burn 24% more fat, 5-times faster*
  • Reduces waist circumference by 7.5 cm and hips by 6 cm
  • Effectively detoxes and eliminates a third of excess water from the body
  • Prevents the body from storing fat
  • Decreases evening hunger

The amazing Starter Bundle 30-Day Bundle can:

  • Results within days
  • Use up 33%* more calories
  • 50%* reduction of stomach fat
  • Alleviates bloating by 60%
  • Stimulates fat burning


When developing natural weight-loss products, we kept in mind all the phases and challenges you face while losing weight. The SlimJOY Starter Bundle is the absolute champion in weight loss. Nothing is left to chance.

AquaSlim EXTREME drink aids the liver and stimulates the lymphatic system, which gently cleanses the body, helps reduce water weight, helps decrease cellulite and can boost the metabolism. Can help reduce bloating by up to 60%!*

FatBurn EXTREME a fat-burning drink that helps the body burn 24% more fat, 5-times faster. Swiss quality.

AdipoSlim EXTREME capsules help reduce belly fat and can increase calorie burning by stimulating brown fat tissue. Thanks to its 3 patented ingredients, it can prevent the yo-yo effect. Will melt up to 50%* of stomach fat!

NightBurn EXTREME is a revolutionary solution for evening hunger. It is designed to reduce hunger and can help boost night-time metabolism.


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