WaterOut Shots



WaterOut Shots are a powerful natural diuretic for fast slimming results within days – now in the form of cutting-edge shots!

  • Cleanses the liver of harmful toxins
  • Eliminates excess water
  • Speeds up weight loss

Are you trying to lose weight but it’s going nowhere? Did you know excess water may be to blame? Reduce water weight and look & feel lighter immediately, with just 1 vial a day!

The water retention shots with 4 powerful natural ingredients will help you:

  • increase water elimination by up to 3.5* times,
  • decrease bloating by eliminating excess water
  • cleanse and detoxify your body,
  • help you metabolise fat better by supporting your liver,
  • get first results within days!

The practical vial form lets you put them in your pocket and take anywhere!


Does extra weight seem to cling to you, no matter what you do?

You may be plagued by excess water if:

  • You’re trying to lose weight but there’s no progress
  • Your stomach feels bloated and swollen
  • You can’t fit into your favourite clothes
  • You gain a considerable amount of weight overnight


Benefits of natural diuretics and WaterOut Shots:

Cleanse your liver of harmful toxins – Cleanse and detoxify your body and helps you metabolise fat better by supporting your liver.

Eliminate excess water – Eliminate excess water from your body and reduce water retention.

Speed up weight loss – Speed up water-weight loss and instantly feel more confident!

Reduce the bloating  – Reduce the sensation of bloating and swelling in the stomach, hips, legs, feet, and ankles.

Losing water weight can help you instantly feel and look better!

Successfully eliminates the excess water and toxins from your body and bring the fast slimming results you’ve always wanted by using WaterOut Shots!

Helps you feel less bloated and puffy, so you’ll feel and look better in your favourite clothes.

Compared to other similar products, the content of the vial doesn’t have to be diluted with water and you can drink it anywhere, anytime.

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