Acne is not only reserved for teenagers!

Acne is a condition involving the oil glands at the base of the hair follicles. Pimples develop when these follicles get blocked, oil builds up under the skin and gets infected with bacteria and swelling results. There is no quick fix, it requires a structured homecare routine and professional treatments.

Professional Treatments

Treatment for Acne involves clearing the pores of any debris and exfoliating away dead skin that is trapping oil beneath. This will also balance oil production and reduce bacteria.
We offer several treatment options, Your therapist will help you decided the best option for you.

A course of 6. One every 2 weeks.

Exfoliates, kills bacteria and calms skin. 1-2 day downtime.

A course of 6. One every week.

Drains toxins away, exfoliates, peel, removes impurities, kills bacteria and hydrates skin. No downtime.

A course of 8. Two per week.

Intense bursts of Red & Blue light kill the bacteria that causes acne while also reducing inflammation.



Avoid any known triggers such as diet and stress. Use a recommended cleanser for your skin type. Continue to use a salicylic based product as a spot treatment.