Day & Night Slimming [10-Day Bundle]



SlimJOY Day & Night Slimming 10-Day Bundle is a flush out excess water and toxins and kickstart your weight loss with the effective combination of the strongest natural diuretic on the market and the 4-in-1 night-time fat burner that even improves your sleep.

  • Flush up to 27%* of excess water out of your body
  • Reduce bloating and swelling by up to 60%*
  • Lose weight up to 2.5x faster* during the day & 2x faster* at night
  • Suppress late-night cravings and improve your sleep
  • Increase fat burning & keep caloriesfrom turning into fat

Lose weight 24/7 with Day & Night Slimming 10-Day Bundle

Are you only just beginning your weight-loss transformation? Or has your progress hit a wall? Detox your body to kickstart your weight loss, keep it going 24/7 and improve your sleep quality while you’re at it – with our perfect SlimJOY Day & Night Slimming 10-Day Bundle!

Why AquaSlim EXTREME?

AquaSlim is a SlimJOY bestseller with the fastest and most visible slimming results. Just one delicious raspberry drink a day will help you get rid of water weight – and boost your weight loss progress in an effective yet completely natural way!

Flush out excess water and toxins, reset your lymphatic system and supercharge your fat burn. With AquaSlim, VISIBLE slimming results are just a matter of days!

Why NightBurn EXTREME?

Because it helps you drop pounds while you sleep, reduces your late-night cravings, greatly improves your night-time rest and keeps your liver in shape to ensure a maximised fat-burning rate. With impressive weight-loss results!

In fact, women who took hydroxycitric acid, the main active ingredient in NightBurn EXTREME’s star ingredient Garcinia Cambogia, lost double the weight (2.8 kg on average) as compared to those given a placebo (1.4 kg on average).

Day & Night Slimming [10-Day Bundle] is for you if you:

  • have difficulties losing weight
  • feel bloated and swelled
  • can’t speed up fat burning
  • have late night cravings
  • can’t to reduce waist size
  • have troubles with sleeping

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