AdipoBurn XXL [3-Month Supply]



AdipoBurn XXL [3-Month Supply]

Receive a 90-day supply

Unique fat burner that targets stomach fat! 

Unique fat burner that targets stomach fat! Getting that flat belly is now easy thanks to the formula’s 2-in-1 action: boosting fat burning and preventing fat cell growth.

  • Reduce belly fat by up to 50*%
  • Reduce waist size by up to 7.5*cm
  • Reduce hip size by up to 6*cm
  • Boost fat burning by 33*%
  • Reduce body weight by up to 3* kg and BMI by up to 1.1* units
  • Stimulate brown fat tissue (find out more below -link)
  • With vitamin C-rich Morosil®, MaxiTherm®, green tea, black pepper and vitamin B6
  • 30% stronger formula!
  • We guarantee you’ll love the product, or it’s yours for FREE
  • Over 15 years of expertise in food supplement development and production

Unique fat burner

Getting that flat belly is easy now, thanks to the powerful formula!

Target belly fat

Reduce belly fat by up to 50%* and waist size by up to 7.5 cm*

Boost fat burning

Turns your body back into the fat-burning machine and prevents fat cell growth.

Stimulate brown fat tissue

Brown fat works as a natural thermo-burner. All 4 main ingredients in AdipoBurn XXL can activate brown fat.

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